Gone in 30 seconds? Or less

Today's Premier JWW run. We had the same judge, Lori Sage, and the courses were incredible all weekend, which required completely different handling. Lots of turns with just the right amount of speed added in. Viper continues to amaze me. She is so smooth and deceivingly fast. Only dog to break 30 seconds on this course.

Photo credits to the amazingly talented Scott Klar

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A Few Tips


Have fun! This is unequivocally the most important tip to remember. If you and/or your dog are not having fun, it's time to take a pa(ws). 


Set small goals! There is so much to learn in this sport and so much to remember while running a course at MACH speed. Focus on honing one specific skill at each practice or trial. 



Hit the road! Really. You might be comfortable trialing locally, but it's important to get exposure: new courses, new environments, and new handlers (who are bound to have some helpful feedback for you and your dog).

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